Professional Services

Every Compliance & Assurance Programme your firm needs.

Our consultancy services gives you access to our experience, knowledge, controls and systems management. Instruct us to implement HR, Privacy, Information Security, Anti-Money Laundering, Software Implementation projects.

  • Human Resources

    • Employee Contracts & Remuneration Management
    • Recruitment and Employer Branding
    • HR Policies & Handbooks
    • Onboarding & Offboarding
    • Management Training
  • Privacy & Information Security

    • UK & EU GDPR Compliance
    • Privacy Administration (DSARs Incident)
    • ISO27001 Implementation Programmes
    • Information Security Management
    • Internal Auditing
  • SAR Compliance & Training

    • Legal Cashiering Training
    • Cashiering Supervision
    • COLP/ COFA Compliance Training
    • SAR Audit Preparation
    • SRA Intervention Help
  • Anti-Money Laundering

    • AML & CTF Compliance
    • AML & CTF Implementation
    • AML & CTF Training
    • SAR Support
    • SRA Intervention Help

  • Software Implementation & Training (Finance Elements Only)*

    • Advanced
    • Actionstep
    • LEAP
    • Proclaim
    • Tikit
    * Please note we do not hold any official accreditations with software providers, we are just super experienced finance users.

  • LegalTech R&D Projects

    For firms looking to implement advanced technologies into their business.*

    • NLP & LLM Models
    • Functional AI
    • Distributed Ledger Technology
    • Openbanking
    * Please note this service is for law firms seeking to develop proprietary systems and not implement licensed software unless in "beta" mode. Projects are done with a view to seek R&D tax relief where applicable as the outcome of these projects are uncertain.

Value creation in your project's outcome is always much greater than our fees.

Driven by expertise, relevant scopes and concise proposals, we deliver all project and scopes to create meaningful value.

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