The Future of Legal Cashiering

The Future of Legal Cashiering

The world has changed drastically in the past two years due to covid-19 and the pandemic. Since December 2019,  when the first covid 19 case was identified in Wuhan as of 3 February 2022, the pandemic had caused more than 384 million cases and 5.69 million deaths, making it one of the deadliest in history.

In order to reduce the spread of Covid-19, businesses resorted to operating from home and managed their staff remotely. The Pandemic has forever changed the work culture as a lot of business owners realised they could effectively operate from home and reduce office costs. Moving forward, this will be a new normal for many businesses around the world.


Many business owners were also put out of work as their services were not feasible in a Covid-19 world. It’s true to say that everyone has been affected in some way, but as Tlam is just one business in England, we can only comment on how it has affected us and the clients our business supports.


Tlam Limited was a niche Legal Cashiering outsourced company that was established in February 2008. It started when a visionary solicitor whose Law Firm had been affected by the radical changes in legal aid instigated by the Carter reforms looked at a cost reduction for their London accounting team. The true cost of running that team of cashiers and billers exceeded six figures (including salaries and the on costs, accommodation, administration and supervision). In order to effectively reduce cost, that particular Law Firm started with moving their whole accounts team to Gloucestershire. Not for any other reason than that is where the founder of Tlam lived (Tina Surman). It gave Tina the opportunity to start her own business in a market that she had a passion for and be in a job she really believed in.


Our purpose is to add value to Law Firms by providing our highly skilled outsourced legal cashiers to your team. Tlam’s law firms are very special in the sense that they have stayed with us for many years and treat our team as their own.


Outsourced Cashiering Departments will benefit massively from the hybrid work approach that all businesses have endured since the start of Covid 19.


In the series of blogs that follow- we will explain how it works, why it works, and the true savings that can be made in Legal Cashiering.

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